Our Ethos

As a world-class investment firm, our approach to selecting, developing and promoting our human capital is founded on the key belief that long-term successful trading performance is the result of:

  • In-depth academic training, as an indispensable prerequisite for understanding the complexity of financial markets and instruments
  • The accumulation of extensive knowledge and expertise of markets, regulatory constraints, and investor preferences
  • A corporate culture sensitive to the complex and evolving needs of compliance and regulatory constraints
  • Impeccable integrity and ethics

Our partners, senior traders and business managers developed their respect for these beliefs in apprenticeships in academia and at the world’s leading investment banks and investment managers.

Most of them followed a quantitative academic curriculum, though some studied humanities or liberal arts. All, however, share a background of rigorous and analytical studies upon which they have built a career in finance.

If you feel that you identify with our approach, and are interested in a career with a world-class investment manager, we invite you to find out more about employment opportunities with Capula throughout this site.

Experienced Hires